Hello all!

It’s been over a month since I last checked in with the exciting news of the W. It was so neat to hear from friends, family, and nice folks I’ve met along the way.

It’s been a very busy summer so bear down if you want to read about my travels…it may wear you out!

From winning in South Bend, I drove over to Decatur, IL for the next Symetra Tour stop and had a pretty solid tournament finishing 12th. It wasn’t a very exciting tournament for me other than I went birdie, birdie, birdie to make the cut on Saturday and shot 68 on Sunday to finish somewhat strong.

After Decatur, my travel wingman Kristy McPherson and I drove up to Nekoosa, WI and stayed the night at a wonderful new golf resort called Sand Valley. I rate for Golf Digest, as most of you all know so that was a perfect pit stop for me. We were able to play Sand Valley as well as six holes of their new course Mammoth Dunes, opening next year. It’s a wonderful spot so if you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin, GO THERE!

We scooted on to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the next Symetra event in Harris. Unfortunately it was a wet week and ended after 36 holes. It was stacked at the top of the leaderboard so I was hoping we could get in that final round so I could possibly jockey my way up higher on the leaderboard. Instead my good buddy Emma Talley won and I couldn’t be happier for her. I finished 12th place.

After the week in the UP we drove down to Onekama, Michigan and spent two nights with the lovely Tamulis Family (thanks Kris for letting us have your parents for a few days.) We played Arcadia Bluffs (thanks Eric) and Crystal Downs (thanks Al) for those two “off days.” Arcadia is always a fun experience but Crystal Downs was easily the hardest course I’ve ever played. It doesn’t matter if you play from 6,000 yards or the tips it is flat out hard! Crystal Downs has been on my bucket list for quite some time now and I was so grateful to have the chance to play it.

After our lovely northwest Michigan golf stop, we made it down to Stanwood, Michigan for next Symetra event at Tullymore GC. My putter decided to fall asleep for the entire tournament and I had a measly finish. Hit it good. But did not make a thing. The only exciting thing I can remember is that I went eagle par birdie to make the cut.

We didn’t have clear plans on what to do after Tullymore for the 4th of July but made a last second decision to go over to Chicago. I’m so glad we did. Kristy has a sweet friend who happened to have second row season tickets available to the Cubs game. We lucked out that he wasn’t going to the game against the Rays on the 4th so we went and had a great time. I made Kristy do the architecture boat cruise with me, which was possibly my favorite thing we did the whole trip. We also lucked out that we didn’t have to wait for a table at the famous Purple Pig restaurant. It was delicious. The timing of Chicago was great because we were able to have a meal with our friends from the LPGA and a few others. It’s always nice to see familiar faces along the way.

From Chicago, I flew down to Louisville and drove over to French Lick, IN. Talk about being out in the middle of nowhere! It was a first year event and easily one of the hardest walking golf courses of my life. Once again, I hit it great, but didn’t make many putts. I finished 8th place.

From French Lick, (you tired yet?) I drove down to Memphis to meet my dad, aunt, and 85-year-old grandma to celebrate her big birthday. It was really nice to be in my birthplace with my family and not touch a club for a few days. We ate really well (as in not healthy but tasty food) and they took me all over Memphis since I mentioned how we don’t ever really venture out when we visit. I was four years old when we moved to OKC so I missed a lot of what makes Memphis so great. I ended up driving back with my dad to OKC so I could see the rest of my immediate family for a few days. It was a great week with family.

I flew from OKC to La Guardia to meet up my wingman for a quick 24 hours out in Southampton. It’s my life goal to be able to get out to the Hamptons every summer. It’s heaven on earth if you ask me. Thankfully golf has brought me out there three years in a row. We were able to play Shinnecock with our favorite, wild man, member host Andrew and had a great time. We raced back to Newark to play in our annual northeast Golf Fore Africa Pro-Am at Plainfield Country Club. It was a huge success! Our next outing for Golf Fore Africa will be March 12 at Tonto Verde in Scottsdale, AZ. I would love for my friends to come out and play!

I drove from New Jersey up to Rochester, NY for my next Symetra event. Rochester is a home away from home. I have met so many wonderful people in that town and would never have guessed that I would consider Rochester my northeast home. I was able to stay with my friends Danah and Steve Bordner, minus Danah since she was playing in her LPGA event in Toledo. I had my great friend Jenee on the bag for me that week and we had so much fun. I hit it great once again, but didn’t make many putts. I finished 16th place.

From Rochester I drove over to Jamestown, NY for a Pro-Am that I have been involved in for two years. From there, we drove to our next Symetra event in Battle Creek, MI but decided to stop off in Cleveland for the night. I had never spent much time in Cleveland and the Indians were playing the Reds so we thought it would be a good idea to break the drive up. It was a great pit stop and the Indians ended up winning. I really enjoyed the stadium and the downtown area.

We finally made it to Battle Creek and it was a lackluster week. My first missed cut all summer long. I used a new caddie and I never putted so badly in my life. I used the Sunday off as a chance to drive up to the north side of Chicago and meet with Betsy King’s long time coach for putting help. He was insanely blunt and pretty harsh about my fundamentals but I didn’t care, I needed help! And help he was! We spent an hour together but I was starting to understand and get down what he was trying to get me to do in about fifteen minutes. I left his course revived and hopeful. Did I mention he is 84 years old!?

We drove up to Milwaukee for our most recent Symetra event held at Brown Deer Park Golf Course. It is where Tiger’s PGA debut was in 1996 and his first hole-in-one. I played solid and finished 14th. I was much improved with the flat stick. I have now realized my par 5 scoring has been horrific all summer long. I will be working on wedges in the three weeks I have off now.

I took a 5:45am flight this morning to South Carolina where I’ll be helping host a junior golf clinic later this week. I will actually be going home for the first time in four months to check on my mail, drive my Jeep, cook in my kitchen, and sleep in my bed. It’s going to be exciting.

Thank you so much for those who have continued to support my golf career whether it is financially or emotionally. I’m insanely blessed and I don’t take a day for granted. Peace and blessings.